Loudoun Escape, in Ashburn, Virginia.

About Us

Business travel is part of every successful professional’s routine. Loudoun Escape offers luxury accommodations services for professionals who take trips to popular corporate destinations, such as Ashburn. Our property is the product of creating a truly unique environment that far surpasses what a hotel can provide and to give our business guests everything they need. Your working role is too important to be impacted by the rigors of travel and sub-par lodging accommodations. Loudoun Escape offers a streamlined and relaxing travel experience to fit the needs of every guest.

Loudoun Escape offers all-inclusive amenities so our guests can focus on their work. When you stay with Loudoun Escape, you can be rest assured that every aspect of your stay will run smoothly and efficiently. “Business Travel Perfected” - it's not just our slogan, it's our continuous promise to you throughout your experience with us.


Our amenities and services far surpass your average hotel stay. We ensure that your experience with us exceeds all expectations and needs.

  • Smart TV with Cable
    • Four rooms are equipped with Smart TVs, along with a customized wireless network. We've designed the space to allow anyone to easily stream content to any TV in the house from their mobile devices, laptops, Fire TV's or other devices of choice.

  • Jervis System Integration
    • Our locks, wireless system and personalized electronic reservation details and reminders, are all interlinked in a custom-built system known as Jervis. Our system even allows you to use your phone as your access key!

  • Movie Theater
    • Relax in movie theater leather recliners while you sip your favorite beverage and munch on your movie snacks. Great for those times when you may want to stream a sporting event or TV show after a long day.

  • Bar & Wine Fridge
    • Situated downstairs adjacent to our movie theater, enjoy a drink of your choice without ever having to press pause on your movie or sporting event.

  • Gourmet Kitchen
    • Our kitchen provides our guests and members with all the comforts of home and state-of-the-art appliances. Whether you want to make coffee or a sit-down meal for you and your group, we have the available equipment to make that happen.

  • Streaming TV Services
    • It is not always easy to find a good fitness facility when you travel. We understand this all too well. We have added a fitness room complete with a Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym, Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine and a Schwinn 830 Treadmill.

  • Hair Dryer and Toiletries
    • All 3.5 bathrooms at Loudoun Escape feature a Bidet and hand-packaged bags of essential toiletries for the course of your stay. Adjust the position and temperature of the Bidet and never encounter a cold seat.

  • Pool and Poker Tables
    • We added these features for those guests who may want to expand their entertainment opportunities while they travel. Great for a small group get-together, celebration of a big win or milestone, or relaxing at the end of the day.

  • Business Services Included
    • Retreat to your own spacious, private office complete with all technical connections, enterprise grade WiFi and printer. We offer printing and scanning capabilities as you may need them over the course of your stay with us. Business travel is made easier on your end.

  • Free On-premise Parking
    • Never worry about parking during your stay. You'll have plenty of space for you and your team with our 3-car garage and spacious driveway. Access the garage easily and securely through text commands from your phone.


A: Our properties are corporate rentals that we also offer through rental websites. We require that all guests review and agree to our house rules and rental agreement before the reservation is confirmed on our end.
A: Our properties do not require any keys to enter. Once the rental agreement is signed, you will be sent a unique door code for your stay.
A: We do not allow parties, events, or large get-togethers at this property without prior coordination and approval. This property is in a residential neighborhood. We strive to provide a wonderful experience for our guests, our neighbors, and our community.
A: This property is designed to be a corporate rental. All guests should be over 18 unless this has been previously coordinated and approved.
A: We provide the following items for the number of guests registered for the stay:

  • Bath Towels
  • Hand towels
  • Shower Soap
  • Hand Soap
  • Toothpaste
  • Shampoo
  • Lotion
  • Dish Washing Tablets
  • Dish Soap
  • Laundry Soap Pods
A: You can leave the towels in the bathrooms and sheets on the beds. Our cleaning team will handle it from there.
A: We have multiple Keurig machines in the house with coffee pods. We also provide creamers and sugar packets.
A: Yes, the office has a multi-function black & white printer/scanner. For scanner capability, we recommend bringing your own USB storage to plug directly into the printer. This will allow you to scan and save files directly to your own storage which makes transferring files to your laptop much easier.

You can also connect to the printer wirelessly. The printer is connected to the rtenet-AirPlay network.
A: The remote controls are placed on the table next to the bed in the bedrooms or in the remote caddy mounted behind all TVs.
A: Amazon Echo devices are set up throughout the Loudoun Escape property. You can ask Alexa to play music on the ceiling speakers.

The speaker locations that are currently compatible are:

Basement Ceiling
Family Room Ceiling
Loft Ceiling
Master Bedroom Ceiling

What is shown above is also the speaker name as Amazon Alexa will recognize them. They need to be stated exactly as Alexa can be picky!

Amazon Alexa & Amazon Music:

We have a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited at Loudoun Escape.

You can say the following commands:

“Alexa, play (song) on (Speaker Name).”

“Alexa, play (artist) on (Speaker Name).”

“Alexa, play (song) by (artist) on (Speaker Name).”

“Alexa, volume up on (Speaker Name).”

“Alexa, volume down on (Speaker Name).”

“Alexa, mute (Speaker Name).”

“Alexa, unmute (Speaker Name).”

An example command is below:

“Alexa, play ‘Photograph by Ed Sheehan’ on Basement Ceiling.”

Amazon Guest Connect:

Amazon Guest Connect is supported. This allows guests to connect their Amazon account to listen to their own music and news. It securely authorizes for 24 hours and you’ll need to reconnect again after.

You can say the command below when you want to connect your account:

“Alexa, connect my account.”

Alexa will then ask you for your phone number to connect your account.

You can say the command below when you want to disconnect your account or it will be automatically disconnected in 24 hours:

“Alexa, disconnect account.”
A: This property has a three-car garage and a driveway capable of holding 3-5 cars if needed. There is also street parking available directly in front of the property.
A: We do not have DVD or Blu-ray players at Loudoun Escape. All TVs provide streaming content.

Please see the FAQ item on which streaming content providers we offer.
A: There is an Apple TV connected to each TV, along with active subscriptions for Hulu, Netflix, AT&T TV NOW (streaming live TV content), Disney+ and Amazon Prime Video.
A: Please do not unplug any cables from the TV. This creates confusion when the next guest checks in if the devices do not work as expected.

If we need to send a team member or a handyman to go on site to re-adjust cabling or reset accounts, we unfortunately need to pass on these charges to the guest who made these changes. We charge a minimum of $500 here, because we often need to expedite the request to get a technician out to the property in a timely manner.
A: Please do not log out from the accounts we have set up on the Apple TV. This creates confusion when the next guest checks in if the devices do not work as expected.

If we need to send a team member or a handyman to go on site to re-adjust cabling or reset accounts, we unfortunately need to pass on these charges to the guest who made these changes. We charge a minimum of $500 here, because we often need to expedite the request to get a technician out to the property in a timely manner.
A: To keep a standardized experience on all TVs, we do not allow downloading of new apps on the TVs, Apple TVs or Google Chromecast. This creates confusion when the next guest checks in if the devices do not work as expected.

If we need to send a team member or a handyman to go on site to re-adjust cabling or reset accounts, we unfortunately need to pass on these charges to the guest who made these changes. We charge a minimum of $500 here, because we often need to expedite the request to get a technician out to the property in a timely manner.
A: Yes, you can connect to the rtenet-AirPlay network from your laptop, tablet or phone and stream from your Apple or Google devices.

Check out the FAQ items on how to use Apple AirPlay and Google Chromecast.
A: All TVs in Loudoun Escape have Apple TVs connected to them.

The following link explains how to use Apple AirPlay to stream and share content:

You’ll see the Apple TV devices named by the room they are in and ending in “Apple TV” when you try to stream.

The TV should automatically switch to the right HDMI when you try to stream. When you want to switch back to the Apple TV, press the “MENU” button on the Apple TV remote.

Please do not log out from the accounts we have set up on the Apple TV or TVs. This creates confusion when the next guest checks in if the devices do not work as expected.

If we need to send a team member or a handyman to go on site to re-adjust cabling or reset accounts, we unfortunately need to pass on these charges to the guest who made these changes. The fee for this service is $500 as we need to expedite the request to get a qualified technician out to the property in a timely manner.
A: All TVs in Loudoun Escape have a Google Chromecast connected to them.

The following link explains how to use Google Chromecast and how to cast:

You’ll see the Google Chromecast devices named by the room they are in and ending in “Chromecast” when you try to stream.

The TV should automatically switch to the right HDMI when you try to stream. When you want to switch back to the Apple TV, press the “MENU” button on the Apple TV remote.

Please do not adjust any settings on the Google Chromecast. This creates confusion when the next guest checks in if the devices do not work as expected.

If we need to send a team member or a handyman to go on site to re-adjust cabling or reset accounts, we unfortunately need to pass on these charges to the guest who made these changes. The fee for this service is $500 as we need to expedite the request to get a qualified technician out to the property in a timely manner.
A: We take security seriously at Loudoun Escape. For the safety of our guests and the property, the entrances are monitored and recorded via camera on a 24/7 security monitoring system. Additionally, there are door and window sensors which alert when doors and windows are opened and closed.
A: The rental websites like Airbnb and VRBO take care of all insurance details. This is important for us in case of any issues at the property. We only allow direct bookings for established business clients or businesses that have their own business insurance coverage or can obtain it.
A: We take security seriously at Loudoun Escape. We randomly generate a new, unique PIN for each guest reservation. This code for the smart locks is activated before check-in and is immediately deactivated after check-out.
A: We have the following exercise equipment available at Loudoun Escape:

Schwinn 830 Treadmill
Schwinn 470 Elliptical Machine
Bowflex PR3000 Home Gym with 310-Pound Rod Upgrade

We also have the following items, but we place in storage due to the limited space in our fitness area. If needed, please reach out to us prior to check-in, and we can coordinate to make them available during your stay with us.

Bowflex SelectTech 552 Adjustable Dumbbells (Pair)
Rep Fitness Flat Bench - FB-3000
A: No smoking, vaping, or electronic cigarettes is permitted inside. Smoking is allowed outside only on the upstairs balcony and deck. Cigarette and cigar butts must be disposed of properly in the mounted disposal units.

Smoking of illegal substances is strictly prohibited inside or outside of the property.

All damages and expenses to repair the property, furniture, or carpets inside or outside due to smoking is the responsibility of the guest.
A: We have zero tolerance for illegal drug use. Illegal drug use places increased and unnecessary liability on the Loudoun Escape team. A report will be filed immediately with the Loudoun County Sheriff’s Office if drug use is suspected. There will be no prior notice to the guest.
A: We are happy to discuss discounted rates for Friday and Saturday nights for existing reservations that would like to extend into the weekend. Please contact us directly to discuss further details.
A: The weights get stuck and are unable to be adjusted when they are put back into the holder incorrectly.

The following link explains how to reset the weights so that they can be adjusted again:
Bowflex® How To Tutorial| Fixing SelectTech® Dumbbells
A: This property was built with one zone for the HVAC system. However, we were able to add a system that helps with the redirection of air flow upstairs. We weren’t unfortunately able to add this for the basement.

To increase the temperature in the basement, the Nest thermostat in the family room needs to be adjusted. During the winter, we recommend keeping the upstairs thermostat at 70 – 75 degrees. This will take about 30 minutes, but the basement should get significantly warmer.
A: This property was built with one zone for the HVAC system. However, we were able to add a system that helps with the redirection of air flow upstairs.

To adjust the temperature upstairs, the Nest thermostat near the pool table in the loft needs to be adjusted. During the summer, we recommend keeping the upstairs thermostat between 65 - 70 degrees.
A: Below is an image of how you can lock and unlock the security lock. These are installed on the front door, garage door, deck door and all bedroom doors.

A: When you want to switch back to the Apple TV, press the “MENU” button on the Apple TV remote.
A: These devices are Flair “pucks” which show the temperature in each of the rooms they are installed. We installed smart air vents and these temperature sensors in each room to try to control the air flow in the house.

This system will hopefully keep the house warmer during the winter and cooler during the summer. Adjusting the temperature on these pucks will get the HVAC system to either send more hot or cold air into the room or stop sending air. This is not perfect but does help with the temperature from our testing.
A: These garage door openers are unfortunately easy to be lost or misplaced. The code shown on your reservation sheet will open the large garage door openers. We can also provision you to open/close the large garage doors via the Jervis Systems mobile app or the MyQ mobile app. If you would like to be set up for access during your reservation, please reach out and let us know.
A: Yes, you can! Please check out our instructions video here for a quick explanation:


Loudoun Escape


Jul 2021

This house was immaculate! My family and I booked this place last minute and Bobby accommodated us in every way possible. Our incredible dinner with Chef Meagan exceeded our expectations and made our whole stay! I highly recommend her if you choose the private chef service. We really loved how the house had Alexa built into the walls/ceilings, so it was a “smart” house which was so cool. The master suite was probably the showstopper for us. The walk-in closet was everything and the master bathroom was even better! This is definitely our new vacation home, we were sad we had to leave. Thank you again to Bobby, this trip made my mom’s birthday so special!


May 2021

We had a golf weekend for 5 guys with 2 bringing their wives. The place is phenomenal and having the private Chef cook our \"Championship\" dinner was beyond spectacular, this is a must stay rental for any stay in this area!!


May 2021

Loudon escape is a beautiful and a very secure place packed with entertainment. Our family stayed here for 2.5 months due to water damage at our house and this home really felt like home. What makes this place amazing is the host aka Bobby. He is an amazing person who provides excellent customer service and is always willing to go extra mile to fullfill tenant needs. We requested him to change the locks in the basement so that our 2 toddlers won’t be able to open the door and the next day Bobby sent a technician to replace the door lock in the basement. I asked him to replace the sensor light in the office with the regular light and he was able to accommodate the request the next day. The cleaning crew came every Tuesday and spent 4 hours doing deep cleaning of the house. This house is a GEM to live in.


Feb 2021

If you are looking for a five star experience look no further!!! BOOK NOW. As an owner of my own (Hidden by Airbnb) I am very particular and I was absolutely blown away by this experience from start to finish. The property is better than advertised in every way. Bobby was prompt and professional and went above and beyond to make this the best vacation ever. The property itself is absolutely stunning no to mention spotless. Everything from linens to decor was first class. The size and layout of the home gives everyone space to rest and relax. The media and fitness room was an extra bonus that we used every night. The kitchen is well equipped for meal preparation which is the benefit to (Hidden by Airbnb) in general. Not enough adjectives to describe this one of a kind property. You won\'t be disappointed.


Jan 2021

This venue is the definition of 5 stars. Thanks for the great stay.


Jan 2021

Thanks again for a great stay. The house remains one of the top, if not the top Airbnb in the region. I have used this house numerous times and it remains the first Airbnb I seek out when I come to the area. The owner, Bobby, remains the best Airbnb manager I have worked with. He is always timely with communication and great to work with.


Dec 2020

My family and I stayed at Bobby’s place for 2 weeks and our stay was perfect from beginning to end. Bobby’s home is even better in-person, he responded within minutes of every text and call and was very accommodating. My family and I loved our stay and highly recommend this beautiful home with exceptional service- not one detail overlooked!


Dec 2020

What a great place! A great center to our weeks activities.


Nov 2020

This house has become my #1 place to stay when in the NoVa area. Bobby is a superb host. Hands down one of the best! Thanks for the great stay.


Nov 2020

I have stayed at this house numerous times. Every time I stay here I am constantly surprised at how Bobby continually improves something at the house. If you are looking for an amazing place to stay at a reasonable price, this is the place. Everything about it is great. Bobby truly sets the definition of what a SuperHost should be. Thanks for the great stay.


Nov 2020

What a great host, great property, in a great location! Will stay again, and again and recommend to anyone else traveling to the area.


Oct 2020

Beautiful property and such a considerate host, Bobby is very conscientious and hospitable. Thank you Bobby!


Oct 2020

My family and I loved staying at this home! It was a perfect location for our visit, near so many great places. My kids were so comfortable and loved the neighborhood and local playgrounds. The home was very clean and felt very safe during these stressful times. We hope to stay here again!


Oct 2020

What can I say about this wonderful house and host? My group stayed here for over a week and enjoyed every minute. A stylish, spacious, comfortable, well-appointed, and very technologically advanced house. Bobby was a perfect host, quick to respond, and even shipped me a few kitchen items I asked about. Highly recommended!


Sep 2020

Our family of 5 stayed in this home for more than 2 months. Bobby was always helpful and quick to respond to any questions that we had. This is an extremely comfortable home with all of the amenities that you could want and is perfect for families or those on business. We loved the theater seating and large television in the basement. The location can’t be beat since you are walking distance from many restaurants. The neighbors are friendly as well. If we travel back to the DC area we would love to stay in this home again.


Sep 2020

We are return customers at this house. The house is very large, includes a gym, pool table, streaming services, keypad locks, 2 gas fireplaces, professional grade kitchen, 5 bedrooms. But the best thing is the service from Bobby and his team. Included cleaning service, immediate responses, detergent, shampoo, chalk for this kids, they are just on top of everything. It is like having concierge service.


Sep 2020

This is the best place in northern Virginia in it\'s price range. The house is very clean, and receives a weekly deep-clean (included). The host responds within seconds to any questions and provides immediate support. The location is unbeatable near DC and Dulles Airport. There is a large, modern shopping center within walking distance. Billiards table, movie theatre, 12 TVs (all with streaming services). The kitchen is modern and large. It is an amazing place to stay and we will continue to be return customers.


Aug 2020

I have stayed at Bobby\'s venue several times of the last couple years and it continues to get better and better at every stay. Staying in this venue is like staying at a luxury hotel. The venue is immaculate, there is Apple TV and huge TVs in every room. The basement is amazing for entertaining. My stay here was amazing and i would highly recommend this venue. Thanks for the great stay.


Jul 2020

Bobby is great! He’s super nice, always available when I had questions. The house was absolutely beautiful and spotless! I had a great experience and will return every chance I get.


Jul 2020

This was our second stay at this house and it really felt like a home. The house is huge and clean and well-furnished. The weekly cleanings are a great bonus for long-term stays and the cleaning team is friendly and takes extra precautions due to COVID, like wearing a full-body suit. Bobby is a great host and we look forward to our next stay.


Jul 2020

Our family enjoyed the time that we spent at this home. It is very clean and extremely spacious. Bobby is quick to respond to inquiries and we would absolutely stay here again.


Jun 2020

I can’t find any fault with Bobby’s place. It was perfect for us in every way. It’s clean, modern, and the location is fantastic. It’s near restaurants, but there are also many trails for walking around the area. Appreciate his quick responses. I would stay here again!


May 2020

Thank you again for the wonderful stay!


May 2020

Bobby is an amazing host! We’ve had a extended stay and he has been a tremendous host through all of it. This house is beautiful and perfect in every way. Thank you to Bobby for making our stay one of the best we’ve ever had!


May 2020

Bobby’s place is beyond clean and the check in process was flawless. What you see in the pictures is exactly what you’ll get when you arrive in the space. The house itself is pristine, and Bobby has thoughtfully added amenities in the house for your convenience (awesome Keurig machines with coffee and cream were a nice touch!) Most importantly, Bobby truly is a super host. He responds quickly, is professional, and was very flexible. We had some change of plans during our stay, which has already been a couple of weeks, and Bobby helped us come to a solution we could both agree on. All of it was our change of plans, and he still tried to work with us. He also was extremely thoughtful in his responses and just his attitude toward us. As an example, he ordered chalk for my kids to use in the driveway, and two chairs so my husband and I could sit in the driveway. I was really overwhelmed by the hospitality, and I would not hesitate to stay in this house again. We have had an amazing stay and would recommend Bobby without reservation.


Apr 2020

This house is amazing. There are so many distractions to keep you busy that you just won\'t find anywhere else. If you\'re on an extended business trip, or visiting the DC area with family in tow, don\'t even bother with the local hotels. They simply can\'t compare to the amenities this home has to offer! And I say \"home\" because that\'s how it feels after a long day of working and meetings -- like coming home. I will most definitely be staying here again on future trips to the area!


Apr 2020

A great house for parents and kids alike. Bobby was extremely responsive and the community around the house very welcoming.


Mar 2020

This house is beautiful and modern. It was a great place to stay and would highly recommend.


Feb 2020

Bobby was amazing from booking to checkout! His attentiveness and customer services were impeccable! He attended to our every need and question. He went above and beyond every chance he got! I recommend to any group to stay here I’ll definitely be back!


Feb 2020

What an incredible place to stay. Bobby is an amazing host and incredibly quick to respond to any questions you may have. The cleanliness of the house greatly exceeded my expectations, as I am a clean freak. Also very surprised with the amount of “baby supplies” that he has in the house. From a crib to pack and play and more. The house was stocked with more keurigs and coffee that you could ever imagine. Accompanied with plenty of creamers and sugar of ever kind. Overall I found it to be very cozy. There were plenty of rooms for many guests. The house is perfect for entertainingh your family especially with the theater downstairs. Also in the house pool and poker table which we did get some use out of. Everything was perfect. Definitely the place to stay when in town. Lastly the location was so close to One Loudoun which was great.


Feb 2020

Bobby\'s house is one of the most amazing places I have ever experience. The house is sparkling clean and the location is great! I would definitely recommend this place.


Dec 2019

Spotless, forward thinking with the technology features.


Nov 2019

Bobby was great, quick responses, house is amazing - super clean, well thought out, well stocked. Thoughtfully providing coffee pods, creamers and sweetener which was huge. Fantastic stay, highly recommend!


Oct 2019

This is just an amazing place. I have stayed at numerous Airbnb’s and this venue continues to be in my top 1%. Bobby is a top shelf host who has created an amazing venue. Bobby is always quick to communicate and super helpful. This place really has everything!! The latest upgrade is huge TVs and Apple TV’s in every room. Really makes it hard to decide where to watch a movie. The location is very close to One Loudoun, which has awesome dining options. Parking is plentiful and easy. Close to Dulles. If you are coming to the area...you would be hard pressed to find a better place than this one.


Sep 2019

This is a great place for corporate or family event. Bobby is very helpful in terms of coordinating our trip. Thank you so much Bobby!


Jul 2019

Great place!


Jul 2019

Great place


Jun 2019

First, because I\'m a clean freak, this is the cleanest airbnb I\'ve ever stayed in. Spotless. Beautifully finished and furnished. The size and entertainment options in the house makes it a great space for fun family or friend time--smart screens in many of the rooms (including the screening room in the basement), pool table, poker table, etc. Also a short walk to town with all sorts of restaurants, entertainment and shops. We thoroughly enjoyed our time at Bobby\'s place. Thank you Bobby for offering up such a lovely property.


Jun 2019

Amazingly appointed home and high end features in a perfect location. It was sparkling clean. Bobby always responded quickly and is an amazing host! We will definitely consider coming back when in the DC area.


May 2019

Wow! What an awesome place to stay for our team while they worked in VA. We will definitely book Bobby\'s place again in the future! Thank you, Bobby!


May 2019

Bobby’s place was lovely! Lots of space, great amenities, and perfect location. I was traveling with my toddler and they had thoughtfully labeled supplies available to meet our needs (crib, etc.) plus there’s a park down the street and the home is very close to the One Loudoun shopping center.


Apr 2019

Bobby\'s house is just amazing. Its location is great, its exceptionally clean, and Bobby is an amazing host. Bobby is easy to reach for questions and very responsive. Great place to stay.


Mar 2019

We were in town for a wrestling event and Bobby’s place was perfect. It’s easy to get to and check in was a breeze. I had a couple of questions prior to booking and Bobby responded almost immediately. The house is laid out very well; three stories so everyone can spread out and relax. There’s plenty of entertainment for the kids and he even has all the essential baby gear! If you don’t feel like driving, there are quite a few restaurants and shops right around the corner (we highly recommend Copperwood Tavern). Would definitely book again!


Feb 2019

Bobby’s place continues to set the standard for all venues. Bobby is a ways avail to help and provides assistance immediately. When I wrote down the wrong code for the door...Bobby had me sorted in minutes. Thanks for the save Bobby. Great stay. Def be back.


Feb 2019

The home was immaculate and well furnished. Bobby the owner was super responsive and great to work with. Home has modern touches and is well furnished. I will def stay here again.


Jan 2019

Thanks for the great stay. The pool table upstairs is a great touch. I will def come back. This place is great.


Jan 2019

I’ve stayed at this venue before and it just keeps getting better every time. The host, Bobby, keeps making more and more improvements. Now there’s an amazing theater in the basement. Thanks for the great place. Not sure how your gonna improve things...but I’m sure you’ll find a way.


Nov 2018

Had the pleasure of staying in Bobby\'s home. Was very nice and had personal touches that made it outstanding! Would absolutely stay here again and recommend to everyone.


Nov 2018

Bobby’s place was exactly what our group of 8 was looking for. Modern, clean, and the list goes on. Perfect host also.


Nov 2018

Great stay. Definitely a bit pricey, but if you split it, the place is reasonable and definitely worth it. Plenty of space. Modern everything. So much space and it\'s got great amenities. Bobby is very quick to respond, which made the stay very enjoyable. Would definitely recommend!


Oct 2018

I have stayed at this venue several times. Venue is great and I will continue to stay here when in town. Bobby is an amazing and helpful host. I highly recommend this place.


Sep 2018

Everything as advertised. Extremely clean and well maintained. Bobby was very responsive.


Sep 2018

This home is beautiful and Bobby is very accessible. However, the rules are strict and they are posted in the house for constant reminder. The furniture on the main level is not comfy but it’s beautiful. For comfort, my group preferred the basement. The tv downstairs needs stronger WiFi but it does have HDMI access. Lastly, the kitchen does not have seasonings so be prepared to bring your own. It’s a nice place for a small dinner gathering.

Response from Bobby

We made substantial investments to buy this property and furnish it. We made the rules to protect the property and to keep us out of trouble with the HOA. Each rule came from issues we ran across at the property. We tried to be very reasonable with them as well and wanted to make guests aware in advance of checking in. We give every guest the opportunity to cancel the reservation for a full refund before it starts if they are not comfortable with the rules.


Aug 2018

Stayed here multiple times. Love this house and the communication with owner is quick and helpful.


Aug 2018

Rented the house for my wedding weekend. Bobby’s home is one of the nicest Airbnbs in the history of Airbnbs. The house was spotless! Comfortable beds and with an amazing kitchen. It was a home away from home. Bobby is responsive and accommodating.


Jul 2018

It’s piece of haven. very clean very modern. somthing makes you forget your home. Bobby also is your best frind here.


Jul 2018

This was an absolutely beautiful, clean and spacious home. We were in town for a wedding so it was perfect for multiple families to stay together with lots of private space for each family. We also had babies and small children and the house is well equipped with baby gear making travel so much easier. When I communicated special needs prior to the trip bobby went above and beyond to make sure we had what we needed to be comfortable. My only complaint is that the home is in a community with a strict HOA and therefore there are many rules around guests. When you sign the contract there is a very long list of rules sent out that you need to read carefully. Most of them are very common sense but there were little things to remember (for example no parking in driveway). Also the home is highly secured (pad locks on every entry so you have to enter a code any time you want to get in and out, garage auto shuts after being opened a certain amount of time, cameras outside of all doors). This is helpful in feeling safe but also impacts ease of flow a bit. A few issues arose throughout our stay with not having adequate supplies (missing cooking pans, not enough paper towels/Toilet paper). Bobby did address each of these issues immediately. Overall it is a great home especially for families and bobby was great to work with.

Response from Bobby

Thank you for the feedback Kelli. Parking in the driveway at the house is never an issue. The condo HOA has become strict so that is this is what I mention in the house rules. Even being in the same community, the house and condo have separate HOAs. I understand your concerns about the door codes and garage auto shuts. I had to balance the risk of the doors being left open unintentionally by a guest (unsafe for the guest and for the property as a whole) versus being automatically closed. Guests have accidentally left the garage door open in the past. While this is a safe neighborhood, I would not want to take any unnecessary chances. I\'ll see if we can find a middle ground to have the garage doors closed after a longer period of time.


Jun 2018

Very clean, up to date style with plenty of space.


Jun 2018

The home was wonderful! All my questions were answered quickly, and I was even able to set up a later check-out time.


May 2018

First stay at this spectacular property! Beautiful home and neighborhood. Close to One Louden for shopping and dining. Very responsive owner.


Apr 2018

I am happy to share that my stay was great! Bobby was very professional; he was prompt in reaching out to me and was able to provide insight to the area. I came to the area for business, the house was very clean yet still homey. A great home away from home!


Apr 2018

Great place that fit our family\'s needs. Bobby was very easy to work with


Mar 2018

This is a lovely home with everything you need for a business or family trip. Fantastic kitchen, tons of space, nice bathrooms. We didn’t use the gym set up, but it was really nice. The house was quiet, even with lots of open room and 5 bedrooms. It’s also walking distance to a few restaurants and there is a little park for small kids. Would definitely recommend and stay here again. Quick and easy communication with host!


Mar 2018

This house is amazing. Bobby is an A+ host and helped us out with everything we needed. Would highly recommend this house.


Feb 2018

We had a wonderful stay and highly recommend. The home is spotless and equipped with all the essentials, and conveniently located near One Loudoun amenities. Bobby was responsive and attentive throughout the whole process from booking through checkout.


Feb 2018

We recently stayed in Bobby\'s house for our son\'s wedding in the area. It was just as described and was perfect for our needs. The home is immaculate and comfortable. If you are in the area and are in need of a beautiful larger home, this is the place you should stay. Close to shops, restaurants and in quiet area. We only wish we could stay longer and spend more time enjoying the space. Bobby is a great host. Highly recommend.


Jan 2018

Bobby\'s place is immaculate and communication/check in we\'re both a breeze. We used this home as a home base for our girls\' wine tasting weekend and it was perfect.


Dec 2017

Bobby is extremely fast to respond, and has a beautiful, large home that is a very close walk to shops, restaurants, nightlife, etc.. we had a great time on our family trip over the holidays.


Dec 2017

Bobby\'s place was just what our family needed! The home was very clean, had extra linens, and even a little coffee station. The location was great, not even 5 minutes away was a shopping center filled with restaurants. The most important thing to me was how kid friendly it was. My little one could explore the main floor safely without having to be followed everywhere he went.


Nov 2017

Very clean and modern. Large space. We had several families stay and each had plenty of personal space plus great gathering space together. Very quick responses. Excellent!


Oct 2017

We stayed here with extended family while in the area to celebrate my father\'s 90th birthday. We were 7 adults, an infant and a toddler. We loved the light and airy feel of the space and having plenty of room for all of us to spread out and to hang out together. Check-in was smooth and Bobby communicated clearly from the time we reserved until we checked out, even contacting me to ask for feedback after our stay. I have shared the following with him and suspect he will be addressing these minor issues: Although this listing accommodates 8 guests, we were surprised to find there was only seating for 5 in the living area and only seating for 6 at the dining room table (plenty of chairs to pull up from the kitchen table). We were a little disappointed by missing items that would have made our stay more comfortable — no bathmats in two of the bathrooms, no hand towels in the powder room, no soap tabs for the dishwasher, empty hooks on the walls where pictures had apparently hung. However, in all fairness we didn\'t bother to notify Bobby during our stay, and he probably would have addressed these issues quickly had we brought them up. The location was perfect for us, just 15 minutes from Leesburg where our birthday event was held and just minutes from all the restaurants and services of One Loudoun for morning coffee and great take-out options in the evening. Would definitely book here again for a large group like ours!

Response from Bobby

Hi Joy, I appreciate the feedback I will get these issues resolved. I would highly appreciate in the future if you could message me directly if anything is missing or if you have any issues during your stay versus stating them after the fact via a public review. The issues you mentioned were all issues that I could have resolved easily. The items were likely misplaced or forgotten to be placed out with the cleaning company I use as other guests did not have never mentioned any of these to me in the past. Nonetheless, thank you for your feedback and I\'ll work with the cleaning company to make sure these issues are sorted out for the future.


Oct 2017

Excellent stay for me and my team at his super spacious, very clean and new place! Can’t wait to come back!


Oct 2017

Bobby was so helpful and the place was beautiful! Definitely recommend


Oct 2017

Great home for a larger party. Everything was very clean and modern. Our extended family stayed here while attending a wedding and it was exactly what we needed. There was plenty of space for 3 families.


Sep 2017

House was beautiful, location awesome and the great communication with Bobby (our host) made things effortless so we could enjoy ourselves. I highly recommend staying here.


Sep 2017

Bobbys place was beautiful and accommodated my friends and I very well when we stayed in Leesburg for a wedding. He was very responsive to any questions we had before and during our trip. There was a ton of space to hang out, we even played some poker with the awesome set up he had in the basement. I would highly recommend his rental.


Aug 2017

Bobby is the BEST host. The home and service were perfect. Do not hesitate to stay here (unless I am in town, then I hope it\'s available for me!)! Thanks for making our trip great!


Aug 2017

Beautiful home and great location. A very nice experience.


Jul 2017

Everything is beautiful the house and the never had


Jun 2017

We enjoyed our stay and Bobby provided us with great service. Thank you

Response from Bobby

Thank you Preity!


May 2017

Wonderful property and excellent communication with owners. Would defintiley rent here again.

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