August 13, 2020

Apple AirPlay at Loudoun Escape

One of the major updates we completed at our Loudoun Escape property in 2019 was to ensure every bedroom and common space had a television and Apple TV with Apple AirPlay set up.

Our AirPlay Setup

We also set up the built in-ceiling speakers that the original owner had installed with these Apple AirPlay compatible receivers.

These are in:

  • the family room
  • master bedroom
  • the basement theater area (pictured below)
basement apple airplay

Installing the Apple AirPlay Speakers

I put together the speaker wiring myself for all configurations from the wall panels to the Denon receivers. I used these closed screw banana plugs and this speaker wire cable. Putting together speaker wiring is an art in itself and takes a lot of patience …

In one of the bedrooms upstairs, we installed the Lithe Audio WiFi All-in-one Multi-room Ceiling Speaker. I wanted to try these speakers out to see if there were an easier way to add ceiling speakers to rooms that did not already have them installed.

This was a great success and works very well with Apple AirPlay 2. Over time, I’d like to get these installed in as many rooms as possible.

With the Apple TVs, the Denon receivers and the Lithe ceiling speakers, you are now able to stream music to any television and ceiling speaker at Loudoun Escape. All of these options are Apple AirPlay 2 compatible so this allows you to stream the same music to multiple rooms at the same time!

We hope our guests enjoy the ability to stream music using this system.  We complimented this AirPlay streaming capability by adding Google Chromecast to all TVs in 2020.  You can read more about this here

We named all Apple and Chromecast devices to have a naming convention that included “Apple TV” and “Chromecast” in the device name itself to avoid any confusion and makes it very clear for guests which device they will be streaming to.  

For example, the basement theater Apple TV and Chromecast was named “Basement Apple TV” and Basement Chromecast respectively.   The TV should automatically switch to the right HDMI when you try to stream. When you want to switch back to the Apple TV, press the “MENU” button on the Apple TV remote.

Tips for troubleshooting Apple Airplay can be found in the FAQ section here.

The Loudoun Escape Experience Awaits

As always, we love to hear your feedback. Contact us if you have any questions or comments. You can also view our current discounts for booking. We’d love to see you visit and experience Loudoun County.



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