Automated Dispensers: What We Chose and Why

We built Loudoun Escape especially to cater to businesses and teams that travel through the Ashburn area. I wanted the property to reflect ease in automated services and convenient amenities. Beyond serving our many guests, I installed house fixtures that could be more helpful for our cleaning companies too.

I previously blogged about modern and practical soap dish trays here. While the soap dish trays I blogged about drain water better, they are still not the most sanitary option out there. I assumed from the start of hosting my rental property, that a group of guests traveling for business would prefer not to have to share a bar of hand soap.

The best way to solve this problem is to use an automated soap dispenser. While there are many varieties of these, I settled on two models for the bathrooms at Loudoun Escape.

Version #1

This model functions great, with a clean, stainless steel finish. The below photo is how the dispenser looks situated in our half bathroom at Loudoun Escape.


Version #2

This model has a unique look, and the dispenser container is translucent. It has numerous reviews and works great. What I like most about this design, is that it can be mounted to the wall. Currently, I have it sitting on the counters in our property’s full bathrooms. Eventually, I plan to mount these to the wall to free up counter space. Below is a picture of this second version we also use.


These automated soap dispensers are cost-effective and are one-time purchases in comparison to traditional plastic pump dispensers. Overall, you can purchase any kind of liquid soap you prefer, in bulk, and very easily re-fill.

Automated soap dispensers are just one part of the luxury experience that Loudoun Escape offers. Click here to read about some of the other automated features we have to offer.


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