Bathroom Music – The newest smart home feature at Loudoun Escape

I love finding reasons to play with smart home technology and to find ways to implement practical and/or fun automation. Personally, I have always liked bathroom music that you experience at hotels or restaurants. This bathroom music project is one I started through our property access and property automation company called, Jervis Systems. Before we offer this as a supported feature through Jervis Systems, I wanted to implement and test this at Loudoun Escape as we’ve done with many of our property access features.

After some trial and error, I was able to get this to work! I ended up using Ring motion sensors as the trigger for when music will start and trigger Amazon Echo devices to play the music. This was the simplest way to accomplish this.

I didn’t want the Amazon Echo devices to get in the way of guests in the bathrooms. To make sure of this, I had outlets installed in all bathrooms higher up and out of the way.

The video below shows how this works. As soon as someone walks into the bathroom, the motion sensor detects motion and starts to play music on the Amazon Echo device. Once no motion is detected (when a guest leaves the bathroom for example), the music stops.

I love how this works! I’ve also had a few guests stay at Loudoun Escape since the set up who have given great feedback. For Jervis Systems, I’d like to continue to improve this over time to allow for quiet hours, to turn off entirely if a guest prefers no music, and to allow guests to select their own music they want to be played.

I’d love to hear feedback from anyone who has ideas for improvements or just general comments. You can reach out through our social media platforms or using the Contact Us form on our website.


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