February 17, 2020

Bidet Toilets: A How-To For A Popular Amenity

Part 1: Low-Cost Bidet Toilets

At Loudoun Escape, we’ve had a number of bathroom updates. Our most popular guest amenity became the first part to our bathroom series. To start, I wanted to detail our solution to installing bidet toilets.

We added this to all of our bathrooms at Loudoun Escape. I first researched the all-in-one bidet toilets, but they were expensive to purchase for all of our bathrooms. You can actually add the same amenity to your home by replacing just the toilet seat!

One item to note is that you need an outlet near the toilet. This is essential, regardless of whether you replace the entire toilet or upgrade the seat. The outlet is what powers the bidet functions.

There are many companies that manufacture bidet toilet seats, but it comes down to the features. There are some features that are nice to have, in my opinion, such as the lid automatically opening and closing, a night light, and a separate remote. Bidet functions that I think are great to have include: heated seats, pre-misting (to reduce cleaning time), and the air dryer. After searching for these specific features and reading reviews from customers, I settled on this bidet seat.

Initially, we went through all of our bathrooms and had outlets installed by an electrician. We placed the outlets in a convenient, but less visible location near the toilet. This was to prevent the guest from seeing a lot of the essential tubing and wiring.

Additional Materials

There were a few more materials I purchased for a professional installation:

1) Cable Concealer – These attach to the wall and you can easily hide your cables.

2) Outlet Cover – There are many different varieties available. I selected these because they are larger than many others marketed online. This covers up the outlet and power plug for the bidet toilet seat.

The Result

Once the outlets were installed, we had a contractor install the seats.

seat outlet
toilet seat
bidet toilet

Total, the cost of all parts was less than $400. (This can be even less during any Amazon sales.) The labor cost also depends on your electrician and handyman. Overall, the total cost should be less than buying an all-in-one bidet toilet.

Guests Are Happy

I’m happy with how the seats were installed. The bidet seats are one of the most complimented features at our property. Guests love the heated seats, especially in the winter!

Read more about how we improve hygiene and luxury here.


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