Rental Checklist: What We Clean and Disinfect

Rental Checklist: What We Clean and Disinfect

Firstly, I blogged here about our response to COVID-19 at Loudoun Escape. I wanted to continue the conversation on the specifics of how we clean with our cleaning checklist. Thoroughly detailing the way we clean and disinfect our corporate property is essential. The safety of our guests, community and team is critical.

To give some background, our team is comprised of direct employees and partners. Our company partners include our cleaning and handyman companies. Overall, we have been working with our various team members for a number of years. We consider them family.

Recently, our direct team has worked with our trusted cleaning company to detail our cleaning practices. We’ll continue to update based on any new guidelines and regulations from the CDC.

I want to share our supplemental cleaning & disinfecting checklist (below). This showcases what we complete in between each business reservation. Additionally, we work with guests to determine their preferences for mid-stay cleanings or materials to clean in isolation.

We include this and additional cleaning practices below:

RealTime Escapes Cleaning Checklist

  • Clean and disinfect checklist page 1

In general, COVID-19 has changed the business world in ways many of us would have never imagined. It has taught our team to be prepared and openly communicate. As a company, we embrace the idea and challenge of being highly flexible to better serve our guests. There are no guidebooks for the present situation. At this time, my team and I are happy to field any and all questions. Our aim is to make sure essential travel needs and concerns are addressed.

We do all that we do, to ensure that Loudoun Escape is a clean haven for all of our corporate guests.

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