February 24, 2020

Complete Improvements: A Remarkable Garage Makeover

Over the years, I’ve read about various garage improvements that I can add to my rental property. Overall, these improvements make this guest area look great and increase our property value. Below are all the garage improvements we’ve done at Loudoun Escape:

garage wall and door

Garage Improvements

  1. Quiet and Smart Garage Door Opener – Loudoun Escape has a three-car garage with two separate garage doors. For this space, I decided to upgrade to this LiftMaster 8500 series. This was due to the fact that it was ultra-quiet and had the capability to directly connect to the local network. This connection allows you to open and close the garage doors via an app, receive notifications, and create schedules.
  2. Painting – Black was the color of choice in painting the walls and ceiling. I opted to have the ceiling painted black to match the walls, versus leaving it white.
  3. Finishing the Garage Floor – We went with a company called PremierGarage, which is powered by Tailored Living. This was based on initial research, talking with their team, and customer reviews. This company did an excellent job and even came back to touch up areas at our team’s request.
  4. LED Ceiling Lights – We bought LED lights. You can get lights from Home Depot or Lowe’s.
  5. Wall Heaters and Smart Thermostats – I blogged about these thermostats here. Currently, I have minimum and maximum points for the garage. These set temperatures make sure that the garage is never freezing cold in the wintertime. Our guests love this!
  6. Security Cameras and Monitoring – As the garage is an obvious entry point into Loudoun Escape, we want to make sure the property and guests are protected. We have 24/7 monitoring set up through a security company.
  7. Keeping the Garbage and Recycling Bins Clean – I blogged about this previously here. It’s hard to truly have a finished and clean garage if the trash and recycling bins reek. We found a way to combat this through our rental experience.
  8. Checklists – Streamlined and Repeatable Processes – I blogged about the importance of checklists here. Checklists are very important to ensure that repeatable tasks are done consistently and someone is always held accountable. We have a checklist that our cleaning company goes through for each stay. This ensures the garage is cleaned using the same process and our cleaners are held to the same standard each time.

The Result

Below is a current picture of the Loudoun Escape garage. I’m really happy with how everything has come together.

Finished garage at Loudoun Escape home

Overall, I’m looking forward to further improving our features with our property management system; Check out our sister company, Jervis Systems!


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