January 20, 2020

On Losing The Smart TV Remote

I like clearly defining places for items to organize and make property management a breeze. I wanted to find a solution for remote storage to make placement straightforward for cleaning companies and for guests seeking the TV remote after checking in.

I use these remote holders, which are cost effective if you get the two-pack. I started putting these behind the TV, along with an Apple TV remote charging system I put together. (I’ll detail this more in a future post.)

Recently, we added these mounts to the nightstands in all the rooms to make it more convenient for guests. I used the adhesive the mounts come with, but you could secure further with heavy-duty, double-sided tape.

Below is the smart TV remote holder attached to the nightstand.

smart tv remote holder

This is the smart TV remote holder and charging station in one of our guest bedrooms.

smart tv remote holder next to the guest bed

This is typically how the guest would see the bed and room as they walk in.

Smart tv remote holder next to the bed

These remote holders blend in well and are out of the way. If you’re looking for a standard place to put your remotes, remote holders are the way to go.

I’m a huge fan of checklists because it’s hard to always remember everything that needs to be done. Cleaning and replacing the smart TV remote for all rooms is one example task out of many in our cleaning company’s checklist.

Checklists are just one of the many features we will be introducing in Jervis Systemsour rental management system. With this system, you can add a checklist item for your cleaning company to make sure all remotes are organized and accounted for after a bedroom or common area is cleaned.


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