Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station

I’m always on the lookout for ways to improve the guest experience at Loudoun Escape. I try to anticipate guest needs, and I carefully consider guest feedback, particularly when I hear the same thing from more than one person. That’s how I ended up installing an electric vehicle charging station in the Loudoun Escape garage.

We had received a number of inquiries asking whether the property had a Tesla charging station. At the time, it didn’t. The more I heard the question, though, the more I became convinced that an electric vehicle charging station was a great benefit to offer our guests.

Installing an Electric Vehicle Charging Station: Call an Electrician

This wasn’t a task that I wanted to DIY, so I called a licensed electrician.

Installing an electric vehicle charging station is a one-time expense, and not an inordinately expensive one. My final bill was about $800 for all labor and parts. That price might be slightly high for this type of install, but I wanted to be sure everything was done carefully and cleanly.

How I went about installing an electric vehicle charging station at Loudoun Escape.

We installed the charging outlet inside the garage, on the column between the two garage doors. We chose this location because vehicle charging ports are usually located near the rear of the car, and guests tend to pull forward into garages, as opposed to backing into them. So this location allows for easy charging of electric vehicles that have pulled into either side of the garage. 

The electrician ran the wiring to the outlet from an open circuit breaker in the circuit panel, which is also located in our garage. He installed the NEMA 14-50 outlet and included a hook to hang any excess cabling. This is a small but thoughtful touch that helps guests keep their cables clean.

Ensuring Versatility

When it was time to select the outlet, I purposely did not choose a Tesla-specific one. This is because there are many other electric cars and hybrids available, and I wanted the charging station to be as versatile as possible. The 240v NEMA 14-50 is compatible with many electric vehicles. 

Here’s what the NEMA 14-50 outlet looks like up close:


The electrician did an excellent job of running the cables cleanly and professionally and I’m very happy with his work. We painted over the cable protectors when we painted the garage walls black, and now you can’t see the cabling unless you look for it. The final look is clean and modern.

Installing a Tesla charging station is a great way to improve guest experience in a short-term rental.


Satisfied Guests

Our guests like it too. Over the years, several have used this outlet for company or personal vehicles. We’ve received kudos for the elegant install as well. I’ve even recommended the electrician who did the work to a few people who have asked.

I’m always looking to furnish Loudoun Escape with nice-to-have features like this one. That’s why we’ve put in a theater room and a poker area. It’s why we are installing a luggage elevator and why we source and provide a luxury toiletry bundle to all our guests.

As always, we love to hear your feedback. Contact us if you have any questions or comments!


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