Loudoun Escape Ceiling Speakers & Amazon Music

One of the updates we did previously at Loudoun Escape was getting the ceiling speakers working. I had them set up to connect with Apple AirPlay. However, I found that this wasn’t consistently working. The speakers sometimes wouldn’t show up when you tried to stream the music from your Apple devices.

I found a much better solution that connected these ceiling speakers directly with Amazon Echo Dots. I put these around the house mounted inside The Dot Genie. Installing with these give a professional and clean look and has the Echo Dots sit directly on the wall.

Using the Amazon Echo as part of a virtual concierge is something we’ve been working on in the background with our sister company Jervis Systems. We’re working on some other updates that we’ll test at Loudoun Escape first like automated bathroom music. I’ll post more about that in a separate blog post.

It took some work on my end to connect the speakers to work directly directly with Alexa but I finally got it all to work after some trial and error. The end result is that you can tell Alexa to play the music you want in any of the rooms we have ceiling speakers.

This is an example of me asking Alexa to play songs by Ed Sheeran in the Family Room speakers:

I put together the instructions below and updated our Loudoun Escape FAQ page and our Loudoun Escape Guidebook. Guests can quickly reference how to use this system whenever they need it.

As always, contact me if you have any questions or run into any issues. If you have any feedback, I’d love to hear that as well!

Amazon Echo devices are set up throughout the Loudoun Escape property. You can ask Alexa to play music on the ceiling speakers.

The speaker locations that are currently compatible are:
Basement Ceiling
Family Room Ceiling
Loft Ceiling
Master Bedroom Ceiling

What is shown above is also the speaker name you must say for Amazon Alexa to recognize them. This name needs to be stated exactly as Alexa can be picky!

Amazon Alexa & Amazon Music:

We have a subscription to Amazon Music Unlimited at Loudoun Escape.

You can say the following commands:

“Alexa, play (song) on (Speaker Name).”

“Alexa, play (artist) on (Speaker Name).”

“Alexa, play (song) by (artist) on (Speaker Name).”

“Alexa, volume up on (Speaker Name).”

“Alexa, volume down on (Speaker Name).”

“Alexa, mute (Speaker Name).”

“Alexa, unmute (Speaker Name).”

An example command is below:

“Alexa, play ‘Photograph by Ed Sheehan’ on Basement Ceiling.”

Amazon Guest Connect:

Amazon Guest Connect is supported. This allows guests to connect their Amazon account to listen to their own music and news. It securely authorizes for 24 hours and you’ll need to reconnect again after.

You can say the command below when you want to connect your account:

“Alexa, connect my account.”

Alexa will then ask you for your phone number to connect your account.

You can say the command below when you want to disconnect your account or it will be automatically disconnected in 24 hours:

“Alexa, disconnect account.”



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