Luggage Elevator: Miracle Luxury Upgrade


Coming Soon!

I loved the concept of dumbwaiters and wanted to implement one for Loudoun Escape as a luggage elevator. Our slogan is “Business Travel Perfected” and we’re always working to achieve this goal while having a little fun along the way. Our new luggage elevator allows our guests to never have to carry luggage upstairs.

Man lifting two carry-on luggage bags into the front entry of a home

I’ve tried many times to get a dumbwaiter installed at Loudoun Escape. Everyone kept telling me this was impossible. That didn’t stop me. By chance, I bumped into my project handyman, with whom I’ve partnered for a number of years. He has since introduced me to his trusted partner, and based on our experiences, I believe we can accomplish anything we want at Loudoun Escape. We looked at this project together and confidently figured out how to make this happen.

This is finally coming together after years of dreaming and evaluating options! I wanted to post a quick video of the install so far. The Loudoun Escape Luggage Elevator will take luggage directly from the garage to the master bedroom closet. I would like to evaluate installing a similar solution for the basement in the future. Baby steps!

Luggage Elevator Sneak Peak

We’ll be finishing up in a few weeks and I’ll detail out the full solution then. Great job to Kayla, Brian, and the team at Your Easy Renovations for the great progress so far.


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