Luxury Technology Upgrades: Automation and Motion Sensing

I like home automation that is based in motion-sensing triggers. It allows for common tasks to happen immediately, while helping to turn off resources when they’re not needed. We’ve done a few updates on our Loudoun Escape property that cater towards our love of automation and efficiency.

Motion Sensing Amenities

I blogged here about motion sensors that we swapped the light switches out for in common places like half bathrooms, entry ways, storage rooms and closets. We’re also planning to integrate extensive motion-based automation in our rental management platform, Jervis Systems.

One of our improvements for the bathrooms, kitchen and basement bar, was to add motion-sensor faucets. When I research, I opt for a balance of overall cost, product features and level of sustainability. There are many varieties available and after extensive research, I decided on the options below:

Fixture Options

  1. Kitchen and Bar Sinks – I went with this faucet from Moen. It had several great features that were practical and highly useful in a kitchen setting. It has a pull-down faucet and two sensors to automatically turn on the water without having to touch the handle. It’s highly rated and you can hardwire it using this optional AC adapter.
  2. Bathroom Sinks – I went with this faucet from Delta. Similar to the Moen kitchen faucet, this faucet has great practical features; There are two ways to turn on the faucet, either by touching the handle slightly or by being within four inches of the sensing field around the faucet. It also has great reviews and has the option to hardwire using this optional AC adapter.
motion sensing

The feature I was really looking for was the ability to hard-wire the faucet using the AC adapter so I didn’t have to replace batteries. The design and finish of both options ended up being a perfect fit for the bathrooms and kitchen at Loudoun Escape. I’m very happy with the quality and features of these faucets – and our guests love them too!


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