December 14, 2019

Motion Sensor Light for Smart Locks

Guests love our automated reminder messages and the key-free access to our property.  However, the feedback I commonly received was that the smart lock keypad numbers were hard to see in dimly lit areas or when it was dark outside. That’s when our team decided to add motion sensor lighting.

I was looking for a good solution to solve this problem for quite a while and tried a few different lights out.  Nothing worked as well as the SYLVANIA LED Night Light with Motion Sensor (below):
motion sensor light from amazon

I purchased this from Amazon (including the link here).  The noted uses for it were predominantly above doors to highlight where the keyhole might be.

I installed this a little differently, and placed it above the Schlage Sense smart locks we use at our properties. These are very easy to set up:

1) Open up the packaging.  (You do need scissors.)
2) Open up the battery compartment and remove the protector placed over the batteries to keep them from draining.  Then pop the cover back on.
3) Before you remove the plastic strip over the adhesive, I recommend figuring out the overall ideal placement.
4) Once you determine the placement, remove the adhesive, and stick onto your door.

smart lock motion sensor lighting

These motion sensor lights are rated for outdoor use and have worked well for the last few weeks I’ve had them in place.  This is how it looks once installed over our front door lock:

It works perfectly!  Whenever someone walks up to the lock, this light turns on automatically and clearly illuminates the keypad.  We have installed these on all of our external locks currently. I’m looking forward to hearing feedback from our guests!


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