January 18, 2020

Outfitting to Add More Power At Loudoun Escape

When I started out in the rental business, I would often find furniture rearranged. Couches or nightstands would be moved around and any lamps near beds would be unplugged as well. It soon dawned on me that that I needed to add more power outlets for guests!

These days everyone has electronics that need to be charged (laptops, phones, tablets, etc.). I wanted to find an easy solution to add more power outlets where guests could plug in items next to the beds and make the furniture reset between guests that much easier.

I found exactly what I was looking in purchasing this compact desktop surge protector that includes 3 outlets and 3 USB ports. I attached these surge protectors to at least one night stand in each property bedroom using double-sided tape. I use this brand of tape and it’s never failed me yet.

After determining the placement of the surge protector, you can secure it with a two-inch piece. After removing the protective cover from the tape, you can affix to the end of the table.

Below are a few pictures of how this is set up at our Loudoun Escape property:

This is how it looks next to a guest’s bed.

add more power outlets to the nightstand

This is incredibly convenient and practical. I placed these throughout the house in bedrooms and common areas where I thought they would be most useful.

Problem solved! No more furniture moved around and all guests have easy access to outlets. Everyone wins.


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