Outlet Covers – Protecting While Providing a Professional Look

I initially found these outlet covers for the bidet system we were installing in the bathrooms at Loudoun Escape. I blogged previously about this in this related blog post.

As we started deploying various smart products around the house that needed components to be plugged into various outlets, these outlet covers came to mind again. This would be the perfect way to keep these components plugged in and protected from accidental damage or being bumped into.

We start using these these primarily for the Ring Alarm Range Extenders and the Ring Chime products. I had our trusted handyman companies install these on the outlets where we have various products installed. The picture below is an example of the Ring Chime installed with the outlet cover installed.

ring outlet

The outlet cover will be closed and it’ll give a very clean and professional look. Below are some pictures of how the cover looks closed from the Amazon website for the outlet covers here.

outlet cover
outlet cover

Below is an example of how this outlet cover looks on one of the Loudoun Escape outlets.

outlet cover

We hope all our guests appreciate the very clean look we have in the bathrooms and rooms with the outlet protectors installed.

As always, we love to hear your feedback. Contact us if you have any questions or comments!