Quality Toiletries & Customized Toiletry Bags

When I first started out in the business of rentals, I was trying to find a way to present the quality toiletries we provide for guests in a clean and professional-looking way. I came across a great idea when I visited Massanutten Resort and stayed at Regal Vistas in 2018.

They had these drawstring bags where they included bottles of soap, conditioner and lotion, as well as soap bars. I loved this idea! These looked very professional and kept everything organized. I sent pictures out to the team and one of our team members at the time found this option that fit very well for our traveling guests.

The drawstring bags look great and are very practical to keep the toiletries organized in the bathrooms.

I went ahead and purchased the same toiletries that were given at the Regal Vistas units at Massanutten. They smelled great and worked very well. It took some research and finding the right POCs but I found the Cali Olivia Farmacia model toiletries kits in bulk here. I was able to connect with a great sales rep to order for the Loudoun Escape property.

Below is a picture of the final luxury toiletry bundle we supply to all our guests.

We place the toiletry kits in all the main Loudoun Escape bathrooms.

I’ve blogged here in the past about the soap trays we use at Loudoun Escape. These allow water to drain properly from the soap trays, avoiding soggy soap bars during your stay!

We hope all our guests appreciate the quality toiletries we provide at Loudoun Escape, as well as the organizer bags.

As always, we love to hear your feedback. Contact us if you have any questions or comments!


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