Ring Video Doorbell at Loudoun Escape

One of the things guests have mentioned in the past is that there are times when they do not hear the door when part of their group comes in through the garage. The inside garage door is kept locked and this group may not know the smart lock code. The group tries to call someone inside or tries knocking on the door and no one inside hears the calls or knocking.

The easiest way I could think of to solve this problem consistently was to set up another Ring Video Doorbell Pro in the garage and leverage the existing Ring Chime units we had set up. The Ring Chime products work by simulating a doorbell and will ring on these devices when you link a Ring product.

We set up Ring Chime devices on each floor of Loudoun Escape. We’ve connected the front door and garage door Ring Video Doorbell Pro to these Chime devices. Every time these doorbells are pressed, they will ring at all levels of the house. This completely eliminates the problem of not hearing someone at the garage door.

Below is a picture of the installation of the Ring Video Doorbell Pro in the garage. I had this hardwired by our trusted handyman company so we didn’t have to worry about constantly charging the battery.

ring doorbell

Below is a picture of how the Ring Chime units are behind the outlet cover. I’ve blogged here about another use case where we used these outlet covers before. These covers provide a professional look and keep the Chime units from being accidentally bumped into.


We hope all our guests appreciate this additional feature we added. As always, we love to hear your feedback. Contact us if you have any questions or comments!


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