April 06, 2020

Stay Strong: Hope Through a Child’s Eyes

We had a family who recently stayed at Loudoun Escape with two young children.  When my cleaning company went to clean, they messaged me and sent me the pictures below.  It made them smile and brightened their day. It was a sweet reminder of the need to find strength and stay strong in these times.

Unfortunately, this will wash off when it rains.  If I could have it my way, I would keep it on there forever.  The stairs have never looked as beautiful as they do with the colors and message intertwined.  

Advice From A Child: Stay Strong

The message is simple: “We Love You. Stay Strong.”  

This crisis has changed our lives (and will continue to change our lives) in ways none of us ever imagined.  Many have lost loved ones, their jobs and/or their businesses. Many are hanging on by a thread.

Our children always find a way to be positive. Their message to me is perfect. We will get through this. We need to stay strong.

Thank you to the family who stayed with us, and the work of art and the beautiful message their children shared!

Click here to learn more about what we’re doing to keep our guests safe during this difficult time.


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