Streaming Made Smarter in A DIY TV Project

Mobile Streaming: Part 1

The Streaming Issue

Smart TVs are commonplace now, but they require you to connect the TV directly to the Internet and then get the TV-specific mobile app. These mobile apps often don’t allow direct Smart TV streaming from your laptops, phones, and tablets.

Most guests have either an iPhone or Android device. I wanted to standardize the experience to be able to accommodate guests with these types of devices and provide easy ways to stream on the TVs through their phones, and natively through supported apps. In this post, I’ll explain how we set up Apple TVs on all TVs at Loudoun Escape.

Taking it a bit further, we integrated our custom implemented Apple TV charging station and remote holders. I blogged previously about the remote holders I like here. Guests can easily find them and they are always charged. I blogged about checklists before here and how important I think they are, related to remote holders, charging stations and beyond!


  1. Apple TV – I went with the 4K compatible version here.
  2. Apple TV Mount – I went with this mount, since I liked the way they looked and could be mounted.
  3. Remote Holder – The remote holders I like are here. I’ve used them in a few places through Loudoun Escape and they work very well.
  4. Surge Protector With USB ports – I went with this model. I often ran into challenges where there were not enough outlets available behind the TV.
  5. Thinium iPhone Wall Charger – The Apple TV remotes can be charged using a lightning charging port. This wall charger has an outlet to plug into a wall but also has a USB connector. This was perfect and was exactly what I was looking for. (Note: Currently out of stock on eBay.)
  6. USB Extension Cable – I went with this 3.3 foot/2 pack Amazon version.
  7. Heavy Duty Mounting Tape – I went with my favorite type of double-sided heavy duty mounting tape here.


We mounted the Apple TV mount (#2) and remote holder (#3) to the wall using the provided screws. (You can use the provided double-sided tape, but made sure everything was secure, with the screws.) The Apple TV (#1) can be placed in the Apple TV mount and plugged into the surge protector (#4).

I then stuck the iPhone charger (#5) to the remote holder using the heavy-duty mounting tape (#7). From there, I connected the USB cord from the iPhone charger to the surge protector using the USB extension cable (#6). I mounted the surge protector the back of the TV securely using the double-sided mounting tape.

This is the final result after the iPhone wall charger was connected to the mounted remote holder.

Below is the setup, including the Apple TV mount.

We have this system set up on all of the TVs at Loudoun Escape. One thing I would recommend is to name the Apple TV accordingly so that you or guests can easily identify which TV they will be streaming content to.

We also have a common screen layout on all TVs throughout the house on the Apple TVs with streaming services through AT&T TV NOW, Amazon Prime Video, Hulu and Netflix to meet all of our guests’ streaming needs.

We recently added the Sideclick for Apple TV and set this up for all TVs at Loudoun Escape.  It’s an incredibly convenient and elegant solution.  I wrote up much more detail about it on this Jervis Systems blog post.   This also easily connects to the charging station we set up behind the TVs to keep the Apple TV remote charged.  The Sideclick itself takes two AAA batteries.  

These are some pictures of the Sideclick with the Apple TV remote inserted.

This is how it looks once it is mounted to our charging station.  

As always I’d appreciate any feedback, please contact us and share your thoughts!


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