February 29, 2020

The Perfect Cleaning Company: Your Rental Benefits

Sometimes I hear people in the short-term rental business downplaying the value of having the perfect cleaning company. They think these companies are easily replaceable. However, most rental owners know that this is not the case. Finding a trustworthy cleaning company is valuable. I consider this to be crucial to the success of short-term rentals.

the perfect cleaning company
At Loudoun Escape, we rely on our cleaning company to keep our property sparkling for each reservation.

Guest Feedback

Most guests look for properties that are very clean. A negative review stemming from a lack of cleanliness is hard to overcome for future rentals. Our property receives stellar reviews for being clean and well-stocked for all of our guests. We attribute that to the hard work that our cleaning company puts in for each reservation. It’s hard (or else nearly impossible) for property owners and property managers to inspect every detail of their property. As a property owner, I trust that my cleaning company is paying attention to details and completing cleaning checklists thoroughly.

Our Company of Choice

I was super lucky in finding All Seasons Cleaning Services, LLC, and I can’t thank Delmy and her team enough. I know I can rely on them to pay attention to details and go above and beyond in their work. The entire team at All Seasons Cleaning Services fully understands my expectations. My vision for the property aligns with their company goals as well.

In a small business operation that relies on word-of-mouth, Delmy often communicates her feeling of pride when guests give positive feedback. Her commitment to perfection clearly shows in her work ethic and personality, which earns her these rave reviews. She is often sharing pictures and details of property items to show that cleanings are thorough. She also alerts me in advance for items that need to be re-stocked. Overall, she’s always been super-prompt in communications.

Trust to Succeed

I blogged here about the importance of trusted partners. The perfect cleaning company should be one of your most trusted partners in short-term renting. Having a trustworthy and dependable cleaning company has changed the way I do business. My guests definitely see the effort.


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