February 10, 2020

Want a warm garage in the winter?

Previously, I blogged about electric wall heaters and integrating them into the Mysa smart thermostats here. While this is a great solution for inside the house, I wanted to showcase the same solution we implemented for the garage separately.

There are two things I wanted to clearly highlight:

  1. There is a feature with the Mysa thermostats that is very valuable, especially in the garage. This is the scheduling feature. If you know the approximate time you leave every morning for work, or return home in the evenings, you can schedule the thermostats to turn on automatically during the specified times and bring the garage up to a required temperature.

    Imagine the benefits! In the morning, you walk into the garage as you head to work, and your car is already “warmed up.” When you return home from the grocery store, you can unload the bags in a warm garage space. The heaters can automatically turn off after your set time periods are over, so you are not leaving the heaters for extended periods of time.
  2. There is an important setting I mentioned before (in the linked blog post above), which keeps the thermostats from elevating too high of temperatures or stopping someone from adjusting these temperature settings manually.

    The Mysa app has the ability to lock the buttons so that manual adjustments are not allowed. You can also configure the maximum and minimum temperature set points. This is a great feature. The maximum setting is what matters most to me, from a safety perspective. This a feature that I highly recommend to everyone. I encourage users to set to something reasonable. I set the maximum temperature of my thermostats in the range of 65 to 70 degrees.

Below are some pictures of the thermostats installed in the Loudoun Escape garage. We have two heaters and thermostats installed on two opposite walls.

I’d like to eventually integrate all this with our rental management system (Jervis Systems) to manage temperature automation and triggering the on/off function mentioned above. Imagine being able to alert “Jervis” as you are leaving work, and the system automatically turns the heater on and then triggers it off once you are home, no matter the nature or changes to your day-to-day schedule. In case your work schedule is flexible or adjusts often, “Jervis” could kick start the heating system at the time you wake up and alert the system.

The possibilities are endless and I’m looking forward to working through the various scenarios and challenges with our team. If you like the solutions we are putting together and have other possible ideas to share, please let us know.

We’d also greatly appreciate if you support Jervis Systems. This allows us to continue to innovate – dreaming up great ideas and turning them into reality!


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