Why I’m a Huge Fan of Light Switch Covers

I’ve blogged about these light switch covers before in posting about Dusk Till Dawn Lights. There are other great uses for these light switch covers.

How often have we walked into a room and accidentally turned on the ceiling fan in a room (especially in the winter) or turned off the power to an outlet where a nightstand lamp was connected? This isn’t impossible to do, as light switches look the same in most rooms and homes.

I’ve been using these light switch covers around the Loudoun Escape property to primarily keep outlets on nearby nightstands, but also to keep fans covered up in the winter time. This makes it very convenient for guests to know which light switches are “usable” and which ones should be left alone.

Light Switch covers in the bedroom

As with most things at Loudoun Escape, I am very much into home automation and “smart” integration. Eventually, I would like to integrate voice commands through the use of Amazon Alexa or Google Home smart speakers. The Amazon Echo Dot and Google Home Mini are ultra-compact devices that each have great, clean mounting solutions. More information to come with these solutions as we integrate them around the home at Loudoun Escape.

Once these solutions are refined at Loudoun Escape, we’ll integrate these into our rental management solution known as Jervis Systems.


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