December 11, 2019

Why the Short-Term Rental Business?

As a business owner, people have often asked me why I went into the short-term rental business.

Why Manage a Short-Term Rental?

1) Years ago, a colleague showed me the short-term rental property he was renting.  The idea of short-term rentals intrigued me much more than traditional rentals. You have the potential to make the same amount or more in profit than traditional rentals and you also deal with many people coming to the area for various reasons, whether personal or business-related.

2) I was curious if I could build a business that perfected the art of short-term rentals, not just in terms of property quality, but also in automating communication processes, providing unique amenities, and ensuring quality customer service and overall experience. This initial curiosity has since become a reality and is reflected in our existing tagline: “Business Travel Perfected!”

3) I personally LOVE the concept of smart homes and integrating technology into a property.  Technology in our homes has changed the way we manage and protect our properties. From security cameras to smart doorbells to smart thermostats, these advances have changed our lives.  I know this is just the beginning. I believe many of these products will become the standard with homes in the future.

A Team For Long-Term Solutions

The last two reasons were what made me especially invested in starting my business. I wanted to take all of these thoughts into account to see if I could make this into a sustainable business while having fun in the process. For the past few years, the Loudoun Escape team has been integrating technology into our property and streamlining the rental experience for our customers.

I’ve been lucky to have this great team alongside me to help with programming, web design, graphics design, legal advice and project management and analysis.

short-term rental managment

My goal with this blog is to detail out the completed improvements, explain the rental management system that is evolving from the work we’ve done, and show how we have solved problems that property owners and managers typically face.

I’m excited to share the journey and evolution of Loudoun Escape and our rental management system Jervis Systems.



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