Personal Chef Service


A: Use our Personal Chef for a romantic dinner, a family brunch, a cooking class with your family or friends or to prepare meals for you or your team on a business trip.
A: We offer many options and you can coordinate directly with the Personal Chef to accommodate specific dietary needs.
A: We cover the Personal Chef’s fee up to 5 guests when you book with our standard rate and a minimum of 4 days. You only cover the cost of groceries!
A: We need to make a reservation with the personal chef at least 21 days out to guarantee availability. If we are under 21 days, we will check the chef’s availability and plan accordingly with you.

Brunch and happy hour service are more likely to be available last minute than dinner service with a personal chef.
A: You can view our latest menu here.
A: You can view our latest menu here.
A: Yes, you can. Please coordinate directly with the chef. Additional charges may apply depending of custom requests. These fees must be paid directly to the chef.
A: We cover the personal chef service fees for up to 5 guests in the reservation for one meal. Any additional meal preparation personal chef service fees over 5 guests and the cost of groceries expenses are covered by the guest.
A: We limit what we cover up to 5 guests with the personal chef as this gives us a predictable amount we can plan for. We cover the personal chef fees and ask our guests to cover the cost of groceries directly with the personal chef because these expenses can vary based on the meals requested.
A: Additional charges may apply depending on additional guests as this takes more time to prepare the meals. These fees must be paid directly to the chef.
A: Yes, you can! Once the reservation is confirmed and the rental agreement is agreed to, we put the guests directly in touch with the personal chef to coordinate the menu, the date and any details (allergies, etc.).
A: Please let the Loudoun Escape team and the personal chef know as soon as possible if you need to change the date/time or cancel your personal chef service. The chefs we work are usually booked out. Alterations are not something we can guarantee they can support.

We still provide the service fee to the chef even if a reservation is canceled. These are fellow small businesses and we try out best to make sure we are reliable if we book them. Please consider rescheduling or having them deliver a pre-cooked meal if you need to adjust your personal chef service.